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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 21:01

Bernie Sanders’ Moment of Truth

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Bernie’s political revolution reaches a decisive moment in the Iowa caucus.
Who would have imagined, even a few months ago, that the Iowa caucus results would be so close?
Women all over the country can write about the damage done to their lives by the rigged economy and the special place in hell they work to escape daily when trying to fight back.'
First comprehensive, independent analysis shows that incomes would rise, job markets would grow, and prosperity would be more widely shared if Sanders' proposals were put into practice
Normally, I would just stay silent if Gloria Steinem said something with which I did not agree.  I admire her so much.  She has shown so much courage on behalf of women's issues throughout the years that it is a bit absurd for someone such as me to even consider challenging any comment she makes regarding women.
As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free-trade” agreement was signed in New Zealand by representatives of the 12 participating countries, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders strongly voiced his opposition and committed to doing what he can to kill the deal if he is elected president.
Robert Reich, former President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, released a new video in which he demolishes six common naysaying arguments against theBernie Sanders candidacy.
Thursday, 04 February 2016 23:18

What Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

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Win or lose, the Vermont senator will stand as a historic figure in the Democratic Party.
Note to DKos readers: in the interest of drumming up inspired new diarists, I invited my dad to contribute a piece. This is actually his second. He wrote a damn good Obama diary in 2012. I’m hoping he’ll write a third one in 2020 when Sanders runs for re-election.] 2016! I can’t believe I’ve lived to see it. To tell the truth, sometimes I feel like I’ve lived too long. But I also feel hopeful. This is finally an election when we have a chance as a people to get back to common sense politics.
In a world of American media displaying never-ending coverage of ISIS beheadings, how many politicians say "I'll be damned" if Americans lead the fight against ISIS?