Sanders 2016

Sanders 2016 (427)

Although some unions are declining to endorse any candidate, the US postal workers union has thrown their hat in with Bernie Sanders. But how did Clinton lose the nation’s postal workers? RT’s Ed Schultz is joined by Mark Dimondstein, President of the American Postal Workers Union, to discuss the matter.
The conventional wisdom for most of Election Day was that Hillary Clinton would beat Bernie Sanders in Michigan's Democratic primary.
Exactly how will the wealthy and powerful who are the political establishment in this country put out the fire that this campaign has ignited?
Bernie Sanders wouldn't have had to utter the now infamous admonition--complete with hand in the air--had moderator Anderson Cooper done his job and actually told Hillary Clinton (politely) to shut up when it wasn't her turn to speak.
They say black voters must cut their Clinton loyalties if they want solutions to systemic racism.
Here in Colorado we have much to celebrate this week.  It seems that U.S. News and World Reports ranks Denver as the top city to live in, and Colorado Springs comes in fifth according to the same survey report.  And on Super Tuesday, Colorado’s Democratic voters caucused, and Bernie Sanders won that vote.  But beyond the win for Bernie and his presidential campaign there was something significant happening in our caucusing places.  The political revolution Bernie has been talking about for many months is underway, and Colorado is definitely on board.
The Democratic race will go on after a Tuesday that was super for Clinton—but still pretty good for Sanders.
Bernie won Super Tuesday! Let me explain why.
US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced her decision on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning
Bernie Sanders is an American hero. For me and millions of other people, Bernie stands his ground—our ground—at moments when it really matters. This campaign for president of these United States is a natural and fitting progression for Bernie and for working class people like me.