Sanders 2016

Sanders 2016 (427)

'They want real change in this country,' Bernie Sanders writes in Post op-ed, and 'they want it now.'
My supporters and I want real change in this country.
Some politicians and commentators say that Bernie Sanders is losing leverage because he hasn’t conceded the Democratic primary to front-runner Hillary Clinton. To believe that is to misunderstand both the candidate and his supporters. Sanders received a mandate in “defeat” that most politicians never achieve in victory.
Democratic Party liberals have made quite a show of their desire for Bernie Sanders to leave the presidential race so that, the story goes, Hillary Clinton can focus her energy solely on the looming threat of Donald Trump.
'Once you know something you can't un-know it. Now we know how powerful we are,' said activist and actor Rosario Dawson
After an intense weekend of speeches and discussion about the future of the progressive “political revolution” sparked by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, the People’s Summit ended Sunday with a charge to continue to keep “the Bern” blazing through a myriad electoral and justice campaigns.
This election could still mark a decisive turn in our politics, and our national life.
"We have begun the long and arduous process of transforming America – a fight that will continue tomorrow, next week, next year, and into the future."
If you actually read Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speech to his supporters Thursday – rather than the news coverage of it – you will immediately grasp the importance of this weekend’s gathering in Chicago of about 3,000 progressive leaders and grassroots activists.
"Election days come and go but political revolutions are not dependent on election days," says Bernie Sanders